Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SHACS Invitation

I found out on Monday that I won the brief to design the Degree show private view invitation for the School of Historical and Critical studies (SHACS) so my work will be professionally printed and sent out yay, enjoy the early pics i have of it for now :)




Thank you

Thanks to Alice and Jess for a beautiful day last weekend walking to Hove museum and back!


and Thank you again Alice for letting me scan these beautiful cards she has :)
Some Lovely Things







Thursday, April 16, 2009

Even more workings....... I designed these 3 penguin book covers and have finally printed and photographed them.

More working hard ....... Historical and critical studies degree show invitation

its nearly there, a timeline of all their dissertation titles turned into a concertina folded invitation.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Working hard... sneak preview of my new mailer

Finally added a links page to my website :)

Friday, April 10, 2009


beautiful landscape and beautiful graphics, a lovely two days away.

wales 9

wales 10

wales 1

wales 2

wales 3

wales 4

wales 7

wales 8

wales 6

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 6



This was a really really great day. We started by getting up at 6am and catching a train so we were in edinburgh by 9am! a small hot chocolate with marshmellows was consumed and then we started are day - a trip to Holyrude castle where Mary queen of scots took residence when she moved back to england after becpme a widow in france where she had grown up. She was Elizabeth 1sts cousin however it was her cousin that in the end signed her death warrant - family fueds!!!!
Anyway that was an amazing and the best part was seeing this beautiful mountain which I want to live on. We also passed some beautiful book shops where i bought 3 beautifully illustrated childrens books.

I want to live on this mountain one day!


Then we went around all the amazing thrift stores and book shops where i bought far too many cool things, then took a break at the cafe where Harry potter was written, Then it was the museum of scotland, another indulgence into history i was in my element however the area where the stuffed animals and dinosaurs lived was closed :( but we dressed up and had lots of fun.
It was then getting later and so we had a lovely dinner then took some last minute evening pics before taking the train home what a lovely day!


Day 7

Rest and Relaxation

We were all pretty tired after the busy week so the last day consisted of walking into town grabbing a pic nic lunch and lying on the grass staring into the sky for a few hours, then eating an icecream and general nice things! We also took a visit to alices mums studio just before we got the train home which was beautiful! A really great week full of fun and smiles :)
Day 5

Durham a day trip


Another busy day and above you can see me at the top of durham cathedral (wearing my amazing new bold blue pumps that i just bought in a charity shop!), it was a pretty long climb to the top up the tiny tiny spiral staircase that luckily changed direction as you went up so you didnt feel too sick once you got to the top!The climb was well worth it, it was a beautiful view and we sat for a while and watched the world go by.


Later in the day we then went to the Quay, Gateshead. Here we went to the Baltic art gallery which was an amazing building, just a shame there was nothing on exhibit as all the shows were changing. Then we went to the sage a really beautiful piece of architecture used for concerts and shows, and had a wonder slowly back to alices house and another lovely homecooked dinner followed by hot chocolate, popcorn and a film :)