Sunday, November 30, 2008

An old memory

My dad sent me some pictures of me when I was little and its so funny looking back but I actually remember this photo being taken, when my dad worked for a design firm in London I used to spend a lot of time down there and was always being used to model the products that the company was designing, it made me laugh and smile so thought id share it :)


It has finally snowed so at least I can go home saying Iv seen some snow in Minneapolis hehe, it was chilly but was so nice just walking and having some fun in the snow with friends.






Happy Thanksgiving :)

I have just got back from a truly lovely thanksgiving weekend. Colin invited Alice and I to his parents house in River Falls Wisconsin for our very first Thanksgiving, it was so great full of smiles, laughter and happiness. We arrived Wednesday evening and had a really great mexican style dinner then played pool and just hung out. Then it was Thanksgiving and we went for a really beautiful walk with Colin Jeff David and the two amazing dogs Arlo and Jerra, Arlo loved the water even if it was freezing and frozen over in areas :) Then we went to the swinging bridge near Colins grandparents house, we jumped up and down and made the bridge move which was fun before saying a quick hello to Wick and Nick and the went back to the house where the preparation for thanksgiving dinner was well underway. We ate loads of great cheese with crackers and met lots of lovely new people including the grandparents who were amazing with so many interesting stories to listen to, there were also two beautiful little girls who were adorable and so much fun to play with :) it all made me smile alot. Dinner was so great, I have a small appetite but this holiday I seemed to eat loads as all the food tasted so good. Then after dinner Alice and I sneaked into a bar with Colin to meet some of his high school friends which was so nice. Then Friday we went to Main street and a cool thirft store before meeting his mums beautiful horse. Then Alice and I took to the wrong side of the road and drove the car, it was scary at first esp when we found ourselves in the middle of a road and Alice couldnt find reverse,lol, but so much fun once we got used to it made me smile and laugh alot, and then it was evening and we did some drawing by the fire and had yet another amazing dinner. Bowling came next and us all bundling up warm to sit by a bonfire and then after some tv back at the house before a really good night sleep a really great end to an amazing weekend, I met so many lovely people and had so many lovely experiences, and although it makes me sad to know soon i have to leave all of this, all these experiences make me so happy that im just glad i got to have them at all.













Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Amazing Chilly Night Time Trip to the Lake

It was a Friday night and somehow Alice, Carla, Michael, Niccollo, Colin, Jeff and I all ended up taking a night time trip to the lake, we bundled up really warm and just went, it was so much fun and when we got to the lake we saw it was frozen so decided it would be fun to throw rocks at it, it was so amazing the sound was awesome it was like something from space. Another amazing bike ride I will be sad for them to end.



My New Suitcase

It was sad but before my parents left they bought me a huge suitcase as I have gathered a lot of stuff since iv been here, but I do not want to think about going home as im having an amazing time here so to turn the suitcase into something happy Alice, Stephanie, Emma and I all decided to try and fit in my case and here are the results :)




Making a Polymer Plate

I decided to use all those beautiful signs i photographed to make a polymer plate for my photo process in print class, I hand traced all the signs into a silhouette of myself and will now turn this into a plate im so excited :)

bnw me

bnw me inverted

Friday, November 21, 2008

A New Member of the Davies Family

Its has been really lovely having my parents to come and visit these past two weeks, I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about it all but they have been amazing. Ive seen so much of the city and it gave me a chance to explore outside the walls of MCAD. Also since being here my parents seem to have adopted Alice as their daughter and its been so great going out all four of us sharing lots of happy memories. Last night we went to the Theatre all four of us to see A Christmas Carol, it was so lovely and then tonight on their last night we went to the Foshay Tower for dinner and drinks, it was such a lovely end to a lovely visit.









Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Love Signs

Bright and early this morning Alice and I took a bike ride to Lake street, parked up near Taco Bell and then walked all the way up to the Cinema stopping at the Midway market on the way back to have some fries and a chocolate malt :) it was freezing but well worth it as we both got some really great photos of some amazing signs :)


Monday, November 17, 2008

What to do with all this tape?

Ok so its never easy getting out of bed on a monday morning and I nearly didnt but Michael called me saying he was going to Axman Surplus and that I should come so eventually I dragged myself out of bed and off we went and it was AMAZING they seemes to have everything you would never think you need but somehow always need. I bought 10 rolls of tape in the coolest colours and 4 sheets of giant white sticker paper and some coloured magnets, now I just need to decide what fun I can do with it all :) plus I saw some pretty cool signs this morining perfect for my latest print project so all in all a great monday morning.






Sunday, November 16, 2008


It was so cute after an amazing day out we returned to the apartment to find Alice had a package, so we ran to the mail boxes downstairs to take a look, and it was from her mum addressed to both of us and inside were two advent calenders it was so lovely thank you so much Mandy Pattullo it really made me smile. Now both Alice and I have them hung on our wall :)


Saturday afternoon with my parents Kari and Alice

It was a lovely day cold but fresh and the sun was shining so we decided to have a day out in St Paul. We started by popping to the Como Zoo where Alice made me her and Kari Monkey masks and we had a quick look around. Then we moved on to take a look at the old Mickeys Diner which was so cute and tiny, then we went to Grande Ave St Paul where we ate at Bonfire the restaurant which was so good, then looked around some lovely shops before coming home. It was such a nice day out :)

Como Girls

Como Zoo


Bonfire Fire
Sams 21st Birthday

Sam is a really great guy and his party was just as amazing :) we all danced and had fun for hours, it had been a stressful week but partying with all my amazing friends put the smile back on my face, it was a really great night.