Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting Started

Its always a bit tough starting back at school, but I guess its best just to get straight into it, so Claire and I decided to screenprint some hand drawn type we had created last year, it was so much fun!

Notting Hill Carnival
This is how I want to read all my news.
Sometimes being a student sucks

working out my money situation which shows il be very very
poor this year!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I Love Post


Thank you.

I then left Nick in Paris as i went off to meet my parents and my sister, it has been a long summer and i had seen my family for only about 10 days the whole time so I was excited to see them again. I thought it would be a quick train to downtown disney but it ended up taking over an hour, but after 3 weeks i was used to things never talking the length of time that you expected, when i reached the stop i could see mum waiting on the other side of the barriers for me, a lovely warm feeling filled me up and i had a huge smile on my face. I slept so well that night and then the next day it was off into Paris. I love paris its an inspiring city, there is lots to see but nothing seems to move too fast, its an interesting busy yet relaxing atmosphere. We started getting a pain au chocolat and hot chocolate for breakfast, then walked towards the louvre where they had these really cool green chairs that you could just sit on and watch the world go by. we took a sneak peak at the musee d'orsay an art museum within an old station the architecture is spectacular. we then passed a street artists and bought a small sketch of the city. Then somewhere i have never been before - the Bon Marche an extraordinary department store - its very chic and obviously for people of a certain class but it was fun to look. Then more wondering through beautiful shops and streets till the Eiffel Tower which is huge and almost wondrous. The arc de Triomphe is also a monumental structure and my dad, sister and i climbed the 284 steps to the top to a sensational view, its always funny to see things so small underneath you, especially when im so used to being so small myself. Before we knew it it was 9pm so we grabbed dinner then bed as the next day it was Disney! Disney is a place that is undeniably dreamy place, it takes you back to your childhood and somehow you can never really grow out of it. So it was a bit surreal but me and my family had a day at disney haha, but it was fun and we met a really cool girl called Yale who gave us cheap entrance. Then the next day it was home, i was a little apprehensive but excited too, the more i leave home and come back the more i know who my real friends are and i couldn't wait to see them after a summer full of traveling i couldnt wait to share my stories and make new stories with everyone id left behind.



A late night tipple with two amazing friends all the way over in New York, I love the internet :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009


It was in Rome that the group then split, we all knew each-other in different ways some close relationships others very new, but as a group of 4 we all got on so well, we almost felt like a little family and at times even got into museums and things cheaper by saying we were haha- Nick and Laura were mum and dad and Suz and I the kids, but it was weird to split up, time had passed so fast on this truly amazing once in a life time experience. It has reiterated the importance of taking opportunities when they arise to you, its very easy to say yes to things and then never make them happen and if you do then you are a fool. I will make sure i take every opportunity i can and enjoy every experience to the full by not looking back or looking forward but by making the most of then present. Well we said goodbye and for Nick and I it was a 23 hour trip to Paris but first we passed through Zurich in Switzerland and took the quickest tour ever, but it was great for 2 hours or so we just wondered through the town exploring the stunning views - from the water you can see the mountains and then look the other way and there is the town but its still beautiful framed by a beautiful rich blue sky. It was a fleeting visit but was no less special, traveling is one of the most amazing things i have ever done, every place you go has a personality and for different reasons each place iv been will have fond memories for me.


Thursday, September 24, 2009


Rome was a city that took a while to grow on me, also we had the worst train journey there, it was like a 14 hour journey and we didn't have beds, we had to sit up in these tiny seats all night! It was pretty funny at first where after i had finally got my huge bag up on the luggage rack i then realised i needed my phone charger so suzanne helped me but we just could stop laughing and my bag pretty much went flying on to the seat, i couldn't stop laughing and im sure we entertained everyone on the train! Anyway we were to be in rome for our longest time since Amsterdam - a whole 4 days which was exciting, we found our hostel dropped our bags and then got straight to it, exploring this museum like city. It was strange you almost expect the Colosseum and the pantheon and such to be really obvious but there not the whole city is almost of a certain age and we were walking down this street which was stunning just like every other street and then we stumbled across the colosseum it was like nothing i have ever experienced before, it took me a while to adjust but by the end i didn't want to leave. So we did most of it - the Colosseum, the forum, the pantheon, all the amazing squares, the trevi fountain, the spanish steps, the vatican, the sistine chapel and so much more, we also relaxed though, we went to a cool market where a market seller licked my hand - long story haha but was hilarious and also very weird! We also found this amazing fountain which you could put your feet in it was amazing we sat there for ages admiring this beautiful view after we had finally managed to climb it as local maps don't show you if there is a huge hill you just get there and have to find out haha! One of my favourite places was the Basilica this was a truly awe-inspiring church, i have never felt very close to religion, but in this huge church, i was blown away, i couldnt help but sit and think for a long time, whether you believe or not its an astonishing place to visit. We also met more people - a guy called Nick took us all out for drinks which was so surreal, sitting amongst of this history having a drink just like its any other bar in any other country! After the slow start i really fell in love with Rome, its a stunning city and next time id love to explore more and go on a scooter around the city with great friends :)


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Charles Darwin - Cocoon

As part of London design week Alice and I took a trip up to London. We went to the V&A and saw a beautiful exhibition on the idea of fairy tales and designers. Then we also went to the new Cocoon at the Natural History Museum and it was simply amazing. The use of the internet and computer interaction was stunning, it brought physical and cyber together perfectly, you could on the net flick through pages and bugs would crawl out of the pages, it was almost better then a real book, such an exciting concept. You could also plan expeditions and although the guides weren’t physically real you felt they were the experience was truly intriguing. There was also these interesting cards with barcodes that allowed you using the computers to save your favourite data from the day to access on the internet later. It was the perfect use of real life experience being enhanced after by the use of the internet. I seriously had the best time of my life. I LOVED IT!