Sunday, August 24, 2008

millie in minneapolis


I am now at mcad and already I love it . Everything here is very different but really inspiring. The campus is full of really enthusiastic people, everyone really wants to make the most of their time here making it a much more productive environment. 

Class begins on Monday and I cant wait, there is so much more structure here but in a helpful way as everyone knows what their doing so are less distracted. The tutors seem enthusiastic too making everything seem so much more inspiring. There is also a huge art museum on campus its amazing and I cant wait to visit The Walker Arts Centre as everyone raves about it. 

They have so much to offer here in more then teaching, also in environment and community spirit. All year groups mix together, they have reps for everything sort of like prefects at school which seems quite young but it really adds to the huge community feel. They bring everyone together as it doesn't matter what major your taking everyone is friends with everyone, its really amazing to see. The local area is great also so different to home but lovely, so many places to go and see like the lakes and beautiful countryside as well as huge malls and urban shopping streets.

One thing thats strange here is the food and drink its so different, at the grocery store I only bought cheese and pasta as I couldn't work out what most things were! Also there seem to be no laws on colouring's as all juices are almost fluorescent I wonder what there doing to my insides :)

So far so good though in my first two days so I cant wait for class.


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Hi Millie!!

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Hi Millie glad you're having fun and you went!!