Sunday, January 11, 2009


Iv been so happy for many months now and a lot of it is thanks to MCAD and the amazing experience i had, Im now back in brighton currently working on 4 projects with three more being given to us very soon so im becoming very very busy but I love it. I was scared of life back here in Brighton as i thought nothing could compare to MCAD but what iv learnt is things are just different and different doesnt have to mean better or worse its simply different, and life here in brighton is pretty good if i do say so myself. Im living in a beautiful house with lovely people, im a better designer who can now tackle everything that will get thrown at me, and as a person im stronger and happier then iv ever been. I started back at my job and it was so lovely i feel very independent and free. I am even planning a trip around Europe this summer! I miss all my friends from MCAD terribly however whenever i look back all i can do is smile and feel lucky enough to have made such true friends that i do miss them, I have friends across the world who although i may not get to see often will never go away and that is really special.
I will end it with a smile :D

Photo 90



here is my room and my mess created while trying to work, i hope you all like me new speedo back pack - thanks dad :)

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