Thursday, June 18, 2009

Im Back in mpls

Well so far i have had my first night and emma steph and nick all met me at the airport it was soo nice i was soo smiley and then we went to badwaitress for a chocolate malt shake and that pasta dish i always used to eat :) then we went back to emmas and fell asleep, but her and her mum were moving house the next day so the next day at 8am i was woken up and i helped them move house to a lovely new one.Then also yesterday was my first day and i hung out with steph for a bit and then we met up with Dave and went to Brits pub before we went to a Twins baseball game it was amazing i loved it, and thanks to dave for answering all my baseball questions, i just got so in to it!then had a midnight snack at the grocers before home with emma :) and today a new day so yay :)


Alice Pattullo said...

This post made me want to cry!I MISS YOU. and wish i was there too!you have already done so much!xxx

tam said...

SO CUUUUUTE. I'm so glad your first couple of days back were so aweesome!