Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Show

the family
my show

I cant quite believe that it is nearly all over. The Private view for my class of 2010 was on Friday evening and it was so lovely. It has been a crazy few weeks preparing for this, but that night getting all dressed up in a dress and heals and being together with all your close friends and family you could just step back and enjoy. The decision for me to go to Brighton was not an easy one but it was the best one I have ever made and I cannot begin to describe how amazing it has all been, from study trips, to sidewinder, to getting to study at MCAD and making such wonderful friends there congratulations to all of you, to all the simply AMAZING friends I have at Brighton and all the laughs and fun we have shared. To every single one of you thank you for making my university experience the best. It has had its downs but that is life and the ups have by far outweighed anything, I have no regrets and would do it all again exactly the same. It is a lil scary now but more exciting, I am so excited for the future and all the future adventures that lie ahead with new and old friends. I feel very lucky and very happy, Graphic Design and Illustration class 2010 you are all amazing Thank you :D

Also here is our class website, check out how wonderful everyone really is

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Sara said...

Congratulations, Millie! It looks really good... Best of luck with all of your future endeavors!