Wednesday, November 5, 2008



I feel so privileged to have been here in America to witness Obama become the new president of the United States, it was a really beautiful moment, a mark in history that I will never ever forget. The thing I will remember the most is the sheer happiness that filled the entire room, everyones faces were filled with true happiness it was more then just in their smiles it was in their eyes. Obama then made a really awe inspiring speech which gave me shivers it felt honest and real and definitely provides hope for the future. I truly feel so lucky to have shared this experience with all the amazing people that I have met here, it made me so happy seeing how happy they all were. I look forward to all the newness that now is to come and can end the evening with the hugest smile on my face and real happiness in my heart. Go Obama.

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jenny. said...

happiness!!! so glad you were there to celebrate with us!