Friday, December 19, 2008


Photo 64

i am now back at home sitting in my bedroom which like everything is very much still the same, its a strange feeling returning home but like with every situation you have to make it a good one so im smiling and not thinking its sad how i have had to leave so many precious people behind and instead thinking how lucky i was to meet them all :)
i kind of feel like a new person its really great, im much more confident and everyone i met has given me something new, im definately a better person for this experience thanks to everyone i have met.
of course there were tears and there may still be more but again the tears are really tears of happiness and will remind me of the amazing memories i have stored in my head.
not many people believed i would be able to complete such an adventure or even be able to begin it so i feel so proud sitting here now at the other end, i have learnt so much about myself and have proved to myself i can do anything if i really want to.
Iv had to deal with all the stuff i left behind too which isnt always a happy occasion but i guess its just one of those things and i know now im strong enough to smile and get through it.
At times iv felt a bit sad since iv been back as its weird adjusting as maybe part of me feels i will be back in america again soon but i know i will make the most of everything here a home and always do it with a smile :)
Lastly i want to say that everything has been well worth i had no expectations when i left for mcad and it meant i was open to everything, i feel i never held back and gave it my all as if i wasnt leaving which made the experience so real and so perfect, i will remember it all and whenever i think of everyone i will smile my smile, im a better person now and i will always stay true to myself and i look forward to all the future adventures.
Thank you to everyone, you know who you all are, i miss you all very much and i will make sure i see you again :)

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