Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Friends

I went to London on thursday with Alice and we met up with our amazing Italian friend Niccolo and equally cool friend Nick from Minneapolis, It was a great day of wondering around Covent garden - visiting London Graphic centre and Magma bookstore and also grabbing a drink with my lovely dad and sister in Dianas Cafe :)
Later it was off to Brick Lane and the Whitechapel gallery where there was an exhibition on Sophie Calle which was so beautiful. Exploring letters and how people reinterpret these things. Then after a kind of strange curry where there was a weird plastic mannequin watching over us while we ate and Alice and I were squashed against the wall, but anyway it was good especially after a lovely pear cider before the train home. A lovely day - I love have friends all over the world :)


P.s I found a street that was named after me hehe (well after a little photoshopping)

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