Sunday, October 11, 2009


Alex and Angus

So last week now as part of the transatlantic design project in London, we met up with Alex and Will from its nice that. They really are two of the most genuine guys you are going to meet, they enjoy what they do and its a huge part of their lives but they also have a great perspective in that they also have many other interests and ways to spend their time, it was refreshing and really exciting. They graduated in 2006 and its inspiring to see how far they have come in such a small amount of time and that they are so down to earth. We all sat down and just had a really great and enjoyable conversation it was easy and they gave us some great advice and insights into the London side to our design education project. It was followed by a trip to the pub where I realised after no food and one pint I was a pro at slurring my words, but it was a great night I only hope they could all be like that. A great start to an exciting new thread of our project, I cant wait for more.

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