Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Mum Photos

It wasn't an easy decision and i do love the photos that I blogged about yesterday however they just weren't quite good enough, they didn't quite capture the magic of the music and the type seemed just very generic so here are some new photos and a new logo. The photos are much more grainy and the colours and levels just so much more interesting, Im even more excited now.

mum type


Fine Little Day said...

Mystic and magic the top three, I like :)

Ben J Hamilton said...

I like this band too! Saw their music video in a lecture a few years ago — Will the Summer Make Good…something like that.

Great images here. The colours work really well together

Millie Davies said...

aww thanks very much for the great comments its always lovely to have new people viewing my blog

kindra said...

n i c e Millie!
we just received our first mpls blizzard. wishing you were here!