Saturday, November 14, 2009



I feel like final year is getting very stressful and highly competitive, I guess its a realistic representation of how the industry is but at the same time its making me feel very unsure about where I am and where I should be going. I am starting to doubt my abilities as a designer and almost feel like I am at tipping point. Today I wanted to sit and draw but the list as long as my arm made me feel I couldn't spare the time, however I ended up sitting and drawing Scrooge and Marleys house, I am not the best illustrator but I enjoy it and Iv started to see that maybe these smaller more enjoyable projects are just as important. I would rather spend my life doing work I love enjoy then trying to please everyone and get the best grades, Life is a balance of work and play and doing what makes you happy alongside what you need to do. I hope that I can tip he right way now and use all this feeling to push myself to do the best I can.


Alice Pattullo said...

your too cute.hah.x

Georgia Davies said...

Your drawings are amazing! :) I look up to you! love you xxxx