Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last few Days in New York

I think my favourite memory from New York was one of my last nights there - a crazy van ride to Rockaway Beach with my great friends, it took a good 45mins to get there with 5 illegal immigrants in the back and then when we got stuck at a toll booth we all had to hide under a blanket in the back so the police didn't see us! i was so scared but we eventually got there and had an amazing time swimming in our underwear in the warm ocean for hours and playing soccer on the beach. It was a night to remember and im still finding sand on weird places now - well worth it. Also went exploring in central park and found a beautiful tower and just sat and watched the world go by. Ghost Busters film in the park, and watched the sunset then a party on a boat. A soccer tournament in the heat followed by sitting on a stoop of a shop all evening just talking with friends then an amazing chocolate fudge crepe. An amazing curry with friends after watching a beautiful storm. There was shopping and wandering around Bleecker and Williamsburg, a few more interviews with great designers including Milton Gaser. A trip to Magnolia bakery for a yummy cake and a visit to the beautiful public library. The last few days of interning were great - i drove a forklift truck and one last shoot with MTV in the transit museum when noone else was there, and then a lovely last dinner in a lovely french restaurant in manhatten. I have truly had the most amazing experience over the last 5 weeks, i am constantly reminded how much there is out there in the world for us to see and people for us to meet, i will never stop learning and i cannot wait to learn even more.

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Bronwyn Opland said...

Yay oh Millie it was such fun I miss it : (
I need to get these photos off you! I got my photos developed today SO EXCITING!!
It's rainy and sad here without you : (