Monday, August 3, 2009

Leaving and Home

Nothing beats pulling up to your family home, sleeping in your own bed and homemade cupcakes made by your mum. it really does feel good to be home and you can think and think about leaving somewhere and returning home over and over, its emotional and therefore at times logic can go out the window. I wrote about these things to a good friend but I also want to share them.... You become emotionally attached to a place and people as you live your life as if its how it will always be, you form friendships and relationships with people that maybe would never happen if you weren't in that situation and thats the fun of life and its how things should be, however then when it all has to end then sadness is inevitable but i still feel like i would rather give my all to people and an experience and feel that sadness and often longing after rather then playing it safe and not allowing myself to get attached or live in fear of missing. To miss people is a great feeling, it means you care for them and that they had an impact on you, they made you smile maybe just for a few seconds or maybe for longer. maybe too many people play it safe or play life to logically as much as we want to plan life is about us and therefore emotions and often just a gut instinct, therefore although i was sad to leave i have no regrets, i will miss many people and there will be tears and at times i will long to be back here among the people and places i care about. But also I have to at times stop and realise how lucky I am, the past year has been a blast for me and I am just so happy, and no one can live wishing they were in the past and maybe we are all guilty at times of not letting go of things as they had such great and positive impacts on us but yesterday someone gave me some great advice that went like this.... " people and places can hold so many emotions and memories and at times it can be hard to let them go, but we cannot live our lives wishing we were back in the past, you developed because of the situation you put yourself in not because of the place- if you continue to put yourself in situations like that that will challenge you, then you will always develop" It is amazing how having someone say things to you seems to make so much more sense. Maybe this sounds really silly and people may laugh but Life is what you make of it and really any of us can get what we want if were willing to work for it. So look back and smile but enjoy the now and be excited for the unknown.

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tam said...

Your home is adorable! I love it. :)