Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WST #3

for Michael Aberman

I realise I am a day late for the submission of this piece but the reason for this is because I have been travelling. I have been thinking about what I could submit for this project for a while and as I am travelling right now and have no access to any design programs so really it seems that writing all my thoughts would be the best way to express myself in a completely undesigned form, as that is another thing travelling gives you is time to think and a nice reason to go back to the basics, so here I go.

For me a year ago travelling was something that never even seemed to enter my mind, I thought I was very happy with where I was. Then I applied for the MCAD exchange programe I am still not sure why I did, it was very out of character for me, it would mean I had to step completely outside of my comfort zone. I think I applied because I didnt think that I would get it, however I did and it was the best decision I have ever made. Minneapolis and the people I met along the way have helped me become who I am today, and I hate all the cliches about how travelling develops you and people 'find themselves' but it's very true in many ways. I think the problem comes when people decide to travel for that reason - as it will not solve your problems. In life I feel like you need to take the opportunities that arise for you and see where they take you and you should have no expectations. For ages when I came back from my travels in Minneapolis I was filled with mixed emotions, I was so much happier as a person and enjoying life alot more however it also meant I was longing for life back at MCAD again and therefore not often giving my all to the present. This bothered me for ages and I even went back to Minneapolis to visit the people I longed for so much, but still the feeling was the same. Then after spending a further five weeks in New York and then backpacking around europe and speaking to a good friend I have realised that what travelling gives you is a realsiation that your life and your happiess are down to you. People and places always come and go and should never be underestimated as those people and places can hold such strong emotions and memories and although at times it can be hard to let them go, we cannot live our lives wishing we were back in the past, you develop because of the situation you put yourself in not because of the place- if you continue to put yourself in situations like that, that will challenge you, then you will always develop. Travelling is a really great thing, it makes you appreciate what you have and see what you may like in the future, you just have to enjoy it as it comes. It can be hard to leave people and it can make making decisions about your future harder as you have seen more and you have a broader perspective but simply enjoy the experiences and people travelling brings to you and never hold back, it is your choices that shape you no matter where you are or who your with therefore the most exciting thing is that you never know what might happen next.