Tuesday, February 23, 2010


"I think what we’ve found here that yeah we’ve got things to do, we’ve got interviews to transcribe, blogs to write, essays to research, things to design and websites to update, but we’re here, in a city, it’s about balancing the two. I think that’s been a really valuable thing. I think if you can balance your work, your life, and your interests, you’re going to be successful at what you do because you’re going to be enjoying your life. You can’t think I’m going to work solidly for a week and then have a week off, life doesn’t work like that, you’ve just got to take every day as it comes." - Millie

Sometimes you say things that are really true and its not until someone points them out to you that you realise at times you should really listen to your own advice.


Elena Iezzi said...

you should write a book! i'd read it x

Mawdot said...

it's about becoming who you already are, as mr nietzsche kindly pointed out