Monday, February 22, 2010


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I am currently working on a project called 'Boundaries' It has definitely been a slow starter I am now entering my 3rd week out of 3 on the project and am loving it but it hasn't been like this until now! As the brief is so open I wanted to tailor it to something that I was really interested in and my initial thought was looking at us, as people and how we can physically break boundaries within our won bodies. I then spent the last two weeks researching all about amazing feats people have achieved from women lifting cars off of children to a man climbing the dangerous North face or 'Murder Wall' of the Eiger mountain in just over 2 hours and then the traditional Ama translated meaning 'Sea Women' off the East Coast of Japan who can dive up to 100 feet and hold their breath for 3-4 minutes at a time to fish for pearls. I could go on as there is then Usain Bolt who broke the 100m and 200m world records in the same year, or the 17 year old boy who circumnavigated round the world alone, but you get the idea. I have now picked 6 of these remarkable stories to create a physical journal which will fold and change to mirror the activities it visualises and describes. I am excited but its definitely proving harder then I though, but i like a good challenge enjoy the pics of my work in progress ....

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Ted Guerrero said...

Your such a cool lady! I think that this is a great solution to your assignment can't wait to see more!