Friday, March 26, 2010

Exam Project

exam project

For my exam project I chose to celebrate 350 years of The Royal Society. I wanted to explore the creativity behind discovery and decided upon a puzzle format. The pieces all tesselate and fit together in many different ways alluding to the trial and error methods of science. There are also 5 unique pieces which have qualities directly related to a certain discovery by a specific fellow of The Royal Society, for example one piece changes colour when rubbed showing James Joules' discovery that movement generates heat. This piece of design enables the viewer to see science differently, science becomes innovative and exciting. It also pushes the viewer to try things for themsleves. I am really pleased but I would like to work in the finish of the 5 unique pieces, not being a 3d designer they aren't to as high a standard as I would like. Overall it was a huge project and I really pushed myself to try something new so am happy :)

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