Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So I am now over a week into my exam project, actually by friday its exactly 2 weeks till hand in! Anyway I was feeling really excited by my project but needed some inspiration so I decided to go to London for the day by myself and I had a great day going to a total of 6 museums of which 5 I had never been to before, they included, the Huntarian museum which was beautiful full of exciting things in jars including a human face. Then I went to the Grant museum of zoology at the UCL campus as well as an egyptian museum there, then to the Welcome Collection which had an interesting exhibition on Identity, then the British museum and lastly Pollocks Toy museum, all such little gems. Then a trip to Magma books and London Graphics before I met a friend for dinner and went to a great pizza place and bar, it was a great day for doing new things in areas I thought I knew really well, and I think I now have my idea, yay.

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