Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am currently in the middle of my exam project, I have the hard task of celebrating 350 years of the Royal Society, the academy of Science in the UK. It is a mammoth task but I am making good progress after two weeks of lots of researching and experimenting my idea is coming together.

The approach I have taken is in a puzzle format. When the world began it contained all the pieces we could ever discover, a basic set of blocks that the Royal Society then built upon to create what we know today as ‘modern science’. Some of the puzzle pieces also have inherent qualities that relate to some of the great achievements of the royal Society including the discovery of Gravity, and Bayes Theorem of probability. These pieces push people to do something for themself to find the answer. Furthermore the puzzle pieces are of a nature that means they can be built up in many different ways alluding to the trail and error and constant experiments of the fellows of the Royal Society. Eventually however for those who like to know the answers the pieces make a triangle that then mirrors the graphic logos I have created, based upon the shorthand ‘therefore’ sign.

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