Sunday, July 26, 2009


Boston was a really beautiful place and it took less then 4 hours on a Greyhound coach with two smelly dogs on our bus!! We saw so many great things - we went around the Harvard campus and also a tour of the beaches where i consumed an icecream the size of my head without dripping or dropping it!! then the next day we went to the natural history museum in the Harvard campus and it was truly beautiful, small yet perfect, it even houses the largest cololection of glass flowers - used for science students to study these models were themselves a work of art. Then we went on a trip around Beacon heights an area stooped in black history and saw many old buildings and gorgeous shops. Later the freedom trail led us round more historical monuments before we ended up at a market then dinner by the ocean so pretty and the best part was we saw live seals on the way home, a brilliant 2 days.

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