Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michael Bierut - Pentagram

Today I was very nervous when I woke up - I had an interview with Michael Bierut. Pentagram is an iconic design company and to go there and show my work seemed extremely daunting. However Michael was great and conversation flowed, he gave me some great feedback on my work so a big thank you to him.

Also for our Transatlantic Design Project we conducted an interview with him and he was really inspiring, he was very honest and came up with answers that really did hit the nail on the head. Explaining to us how his education really began after he graduated from experiencing through others and therefore becoming "culturally literate" He expressed how we as designers are problem solvers and that however no matter how much formal education we do or do not have it is our ability to listen to others as human beings and there more often then not will be the answer staring right at us, alongside a drive to learn  that is what will inevitably lead to our own success - "A good designer is someone who is passionate about learning".

He then gave an exciting and informative talk about some of the work in his portfolio. As design students it was a great experience to witness a designer in the professional world talk about his work. It was a great morning so a huge thank you to Michael.

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tam said...

Oh my goodness, Millie. I cannot express how jealous I am of you. NYC looks like so much fun! I hope everything is going well :)