Monday, July 27, 2009

Interviews - MCAD

Tonight we held yet another interview, this time a little more laid back as it was with my friends. It was really great though, this project is all about what students think and by the project being created by students and then interviewing them it gives a real to the point view of what the systems are like. The answers given were amazing, some of our best yet. Michael made one of my favourite comments by comparing American and British design/ education with the description of drawing a circle! He explained how if an american were to draw a circle they would say how and what will it look like, where as if a brit was to draw a circle they would say why and who has done this before me. I think it might make him famous so watch this space. It was also lovely to hear Adina and Michael say they learn a lot from me while i was in mpls not just work wise, as I felt like I got so much out of that experience Im glad I also gave something back to a handful of people. It was a really great evening, I will miss you all when im gone again. There was also a sweet storm!


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i love these pictures. we all look so exhausted.