Friday, July 17, 2009

Jonathan Bartlett

Jonathan Bartlett is a Graduate student at SVA and was recommended to us by Marshall Arisman, and a good recommendation he was. Four English girls turned up at his door and he seemed at first shocked and then was more the happy to talk to us! He expressed the importance of learning on the job after his degree he took a job at a publishing house where he learnt a lot especially about design, he felt that this period of his life was immense for learning, unlike school where its all about classes and teachers, on the job there is a pressure and a reality that school cannot give, yet it is most necessary. He then decided to undertake a course at SVA and this a great school but also an expensive one but when questioned about was his schooling worth what he paid for he replied "yes" he said the money is ridiculous but the things he has learnt and the people he has met and places his been due to it all couldn't ever have a price put on them and that seems very honest and very true. its a shame that education has a price put on it at all but i guess we have little choice in it and just have to make the most of it. Jonathan is a really talented illustrator and designer so check him out here.

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