Sunday, July 26, 2009

Museum Mile

There are so many amazing museums in and around New York and I have tried to go to many of them. The Cooper-Hewitt design museum was well worth a visit, with the latest exhibition on there designed by pentagram was sweet, they had printed images on to 94% recycled aluminum, the photos had a real glow about them it was beautiful, the whole curation was perfect down to the last detail. The Met was also great, they had an interesting fashion exhibition and an amazing Egyptian section. In the MOMA I had my height drawn on a wall - so am i now art!! Then also at MOMA there was a beautiful exhibition, about a women who had grown up in china in a time where things were rationed therefore she saved everything she had and would never throw anything away, after her husband died, to help her her son and her curated this exhibition of everything that she had ever owned, it was beautiful and she actually died after it was put up, but it meant that all those pieces she had saved incase they could be useful, were in the end useful as a piece of art for us all to see. I love museums!

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