Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thank You

Im not the sort of person to do things on a whim however I decided to get my ear pierced on my last day in Minneapolis. This place holds a huge amount of memories and feelings and coming back just showed me that even more. It also proved to me that you can go any length of time without seeing someone and then with those special people when you are again reunited it is as if nothing has happened. I feel truly lucky to have been able to have such an amazing experience and then to be able to go back and have another completely different yet just as special one. I will always remember everyone that I have met there and know now that seeing them all again is very achievable. From each of the people I met I have learnt something new and have really grown as a person and I am so grateful for that. There are also individuals that have brought out the best in me and shown me how me being me is all I need to be. Although I will miss it and everyone terribly I also know that I am so happy it happened and you cannot live in the past so I will take all iv learnt and enjoy all the new adventures ahead of me, and I will do it with a huge smile.

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tam said...

I am so sorry we couldn't hang out while you were here.. work and my internship have been eating up my time the past few weeks. The ears look great and I hope you have a fabulous time in NY. It was great seeing you!