Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Grand Day

Ok so there are not many days like today, so when they do happen it feels great! Got up early and headed into Chelsea, went to the beautiful market and took so lovely pics, then a lovely lunch at the Empire Diner (burger, milkshake,fries and brownies!) Then it was off to work at MTV to help shoot a scene with Neyo, we had helped build the set and then today we got to watch him do his thing! It was AWESOME, he is amazing, I was so excited to get to talk to him! I will sleep well tonight :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Interviews - MCAD

Tonight we held yet another interview, this time a little more laid back as it was with my friends. It was really great though, this project is all about what students think and by the project being created by students and then interviewing them it gives a real to the point view of what the systems are like. The answers given were amazing, some of our best yet. Michael made one of my favourite comments by comparing American and British design/ education with the description of drawing a circle! He explained how if an american were to draw a circle they would say how and what will it look like, where as if a brit was to draw a circle they would say why and who has done this before me. I think it might make him famous so watch this space. It was also lovely to hear Adina and Michael say they learn a lot from me while i was in mpls not just work wise, as I felt like I got so much out of that experience Im glad I also gave something back to a handful of people. It was a really great evening, I will miss you all when im gone again. There was also a sweet storm!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Soccer Saturday

A beautiful day for a soccer tournament. It was so hot and sunny and people were playing soccer and eating ice-cream. I had so much fun and although our team didn't win it was all about the taking part! Then later GhostBusters film in the Hudson park, it was such a nice evening followed by a beautiful lightning storm and then a random party on a boat - life here is full of surprises, I will be sad to leave but also excited for more adventures ahead.


This will be an on-going post as more things seem to happen everyday, but we are lucky enough to be working with an art director working with MTV its a fun project and has given us a huge insight into the business, not just that as we have met some amazing people. I have also done many crazy things like painting an area the size of a football pitch blue, landscape gardening, weeding and then even driving a fork lift truck! I cant wait to see what else i get up to....


Boston was a really beautiful place and it took less then 4 hours on a Greyhound coach with two smelly dogs on our bus!! We saw so many great things - we went around the Harvard campus and also a tour of the beaches where i consumed an icecream the size of my head without dripping or dropping it!! then the next day we went to the natural history museum in the Harvard campus and it was truly beautiful, small yet perfect, it even houses the largest cololection of glass flowers - used for science students to study these models were themselves a work of art. Then we went on a trip around Beacon heights an area stooped in black history and saw many old buildings and gorgeous shops. Later the freedom trail led us round more historical monuments before we ended up at a market then dinner by the ocean so pretty and the best part was we saw live seals on the way home, a brilliant 2 days.

Museum Mile

There are so many amazing museums in and around New York and I have tried to go to many of them. The Cooper-Hewitt design museum was well worth a visit, with the latest exhibition on there designed by pentagram was sweet, they had printed images on to 94% recycled aluminum, the photos had a real glow about them it was beautiful, the whole curation was perfect down to the last detail. The Met was also great, they had an interesting fashion exhibition and an amazing Egyptian section. In the MOMA I had my height drawn on a wall - so am i now art!! Then also at MOMA there was a beautiful exhibition, about a women who had grown up in china in a time where things were rationed therefore she saved everything she had and would never throw anything away, after her husband died, to help her her son and her curated this exhibition of everything that she had ever owned, it was beautiful and she actually died after it was put up, but it meant that all those pieces she had saved incase they could be useful, were in the end useful as a piece of art for us all to see. I love museums!