Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alive in Joburg - District 9

If you havnt yet seen District 9 then I would recommend you do. It is a really interesting film, some have said sci fi at its best.This link above is to Alive in Joburg which is the prequel to the film by Neil Blomkamp. The film uses real footage from the time and simply applies it to the alien situation which reflects the apartheid situation that was still in effect in South Africa in 1990.
According to individuals "interviewed" in the film, the aliens were captive labor (slaves or indentured servants), forced to live in "conditions that were not good" and had escaped to Earth. Because the film takes place in 1990, while apartheid was still in effect in South Africa, the aliens were forced to live amongst the already-oppressed black population, causing conflict with them as well as the non-white and white population.
It is a really great film which for me provoked great emotion towards these 'prawns'. One of the aliens has a small son and their quest to return everything to order means you cant take your eyes off the screen. I really wasn't sure when it first started but its well worth seeing.

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