Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Im Done Transcribing


Ok so Transcribing is an awful thing to have to do, but as part of the Transatlantic Design project we have all had to do some and tonight I completed mine I AM SO HAPPY! To explain how long it takes below I have broken it down for you...

MB - 30.23 mins, words - 4,127 roughly 3 hours
MCAD - 1:10:31 mins, words - 8,919 roughly 8 hours
PS: - 33.06 mins - 4,395 roughly 3 hours

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Bronwyn Opland said...

Gah Millie I can't believe you've finished! I must have spent about 3 days transcribing and I'm still not done. I've had enough of it now : (
Well done you thoughXxX