Sunday, September 27, 2009


It was in Rome that the group then split, we all knew each-other in different ways some close relationships others very new, but as a group of 4 we all got on so well, we almost felt like a little family and at times even got into museums and things cheaper by saying we were haha- Nick and Laura were mum and dad and Suz and I the kids, but it was weird to split up, time had passed so fast on this truly amazing once in a life time experience. It has reiterated the importance of taking opportunities when they arise to you, its very easy to say yes to things and then never make them happen and if you do then you are a fool. I will make sure i take every opportunity i can and enjoy every experience to the full by not looking back or looking forward but by making the most of then present. Well we said goodbye and for Nick and I it was a 23 hour trip to Paris but first we passed through Zurich in Switzerland and took the quickest tour ever, but it was great for 2 hours or so we just wondered through the town exploring the stunning views - from the water you can see the mountains and then look the other way and there is the town but its still beautiful framed by a beautiful rich blue sky. It was a fleeting visit but was no less special, traveling is one of the most amazing things i have ever done, every place you go has a personality and for different reasons each place iv been will have fond memories for me.


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