Monday, September 21, 2009


Again Vienna, we were only here for the day and we arrived later in the evening, so I took my camera and we thought we would just have a wonder, we found this interesting museum quarter which had these cool geometric yellow seats which were surprisingly comfortable. I then went to take a picture and realised that my camera wasn't working the shutter wasn't closing properly so all my photos had a huge black line through them, anyway surprisingly i kept calm and now im home im trying to get it fixed :( anyway nick was kind enough to lend me his digital camera so all was not lost :) I was feeling a little down so we went to get ice-cream and the man in the shop was hilarious i asked for 2 scoops and he let me chose 5! i had chocolate, banana, raspberry, blackberry and mint choc chip yummmmy it was actually amazing and he put the smile back on my face. The next day the sun was out and we had a great day wondering and exploring the city, we snuck into the national library, and took a peak at teh butterfly house and all the stunning museums with huge impressive doors, we saw so much including this beautiful church and a market with so many amazing smells and tastes, we also went to this stunning palace called shronbrunn, its garden were literally breathtaking. nick and I climbed to the top of the view point in the intense heat but it was well worth it, i felt blown away, i could have wondered and got lost in those gardens for hours, but we had to head back as we were leaving for Rome very soon! It was a short but really pleasant trip just walking around finding tiny little shops and beautiful streets, I would love to go back.



Julie said...

Millie I have been reading all of these updates and it sounds like you had such an amazing whirlwind adventure! so many places!

That ice cream man seems like the coolest man EVER! ahah

jenny. said...

ooo vienna, my favorite city that i visited this year!! don't you just love the colorful rooftop of that cathedral!?