Thursday, September 17, 2009


As you can see from the first picture those are the wounds that i got from getting a bit overexcited in the museum in Goteborg, but what is worse is just after this picture was taken on this amazing night train that we took i fell over again! It was such an amazing train though, the water came in specially designed cartons and had this amazing blue lighting, anyway we were all excited and then we realised that the train hadnt moved for a while and it was because we were on a ferry! we ran upstairs to the deck through some weird secret door and as we got to the top it was like we were on the titantic. I started to skip a little and the next thing i knew i was on the floor my knee and then my head had hit the deck pretty hard, there was a moment of silence and then i laughed especially as as i got up i saw a sign that said do not run deck may be slippery - well thanks! so now i looked like a real child with two grazed knees a bump on the head and two more cuts on my elbows and side and it was only our 3rd country out of 9! Anyway we arrived in Berlin at 6am and our train to Prague was at 5pm so we had 11 hours and we did so much... the Reichstag building, brandenburg gate, the jewish memorial, a cool market that we stumbled accross and saw some of the world athletics which was being held there (bolt broke the world record for 100m in Berlin at 9.58 secs), then the cathedreal with a really cool fountain which we cooled off in, then it was the jewish museum and then back, it was an intense but incredible day.We were all happy to sit on the train for a few hours!


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