Thursday, September 24, 2009


Rome was a city that took a while to grow on me, also we had the worst train journey there, it was like a 14 hour journey and we didn't have beds, we had to sit up in these tiny seats all night! It was pretty funny at first where after i had finally got my huge bag up on the luggage rack i then realised i needed my phone charger so suzanne helped me but we just could stop laughing and my bag pretty much went flying on to the seat, i couldn't stop laughing and im sure we entertained everyone on the train! Anyway we were to be in rome for our longest time since Amsterdam - a whole 4 days which was exciting, we found our hostel dropped our bags and then got straight to it, exploring this museum like city. It was strange you almost expect the Colosseum and the pantheon and such to be really obvious but there not the whole city is almost of a certain age and we were walking down this street which was stunning just like every other street and then we stumbled across the colosseum it was like nothing i have ever experienced before, it took me a while to adjust but by the end i didn't want to leave. So we did most of it - the Colosseum, the forum, the pantheon, all the amazing squares, the trevi fountain, the spanish steps, the vatican, the sistine chapel and so much more, we also relaxed though, we went to a cool market where a market seller licked my hand - long story haha but was hilarious and also very weird! We also found this amazing fountain which you could put your feet in it was amazing we sat there for ages admiring this beautiful view after we had finally managed to climb it as local maps don't show you if there is a huge hill you just get there and have to find out haha! One of my favourite places was the Basilica this was a truly awe-inspiring church, i have never felt very close to religion, but in this huge church, i was blown away, i couldnt help but sit and think for a long time, whether you believe or not its an astonishing place to visit. We also met more people - a guy called Nick took us all out for drinks which was so surreal, sitting amongst of this history having a drink just like its any other bar in any other country! After the slow start i really fell in love with Rome, its a stunning city and next time id love to explore more and go on a scooter around the city with great friends :)


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