Monday, September 28, 2009


I then left Nick in Paris as i went off to meet my parents and my sister, it has been a long summer and i had seen my family for only about 10 days the whole time so I was excited to see them again. I thought it would be a quick train to downtown disney but it ended up taking over an hour, but after 3 weeks i was used to things never talking the length of time that you expected, when i reached the stop i could see mum waiting on the other side of the barriers for me, a lovely warm feeling filled me up and i had a huge smile on my face. I slept so well that night and then the next day it was off into Paris. I love paris its an inspiring city, there is lots to see but nothing seems to move too fast, its an interesting busy yet relaxing atmosphere. We started getting a pain au chocolat and hot chocolate for breakfast, then walked towards the louvre where they had these really cool green chairs that you could just sit on and watch the world go by. we took a sneak peak at the musee d'orsay an art museum within an old station the architecture is spectacular. we then passed a street artists and bought a small sketch of the city. Then somewhere i have never been before - the Bon Marche an extraordinary department store - its very chic and obviously for people of a certain class but it was fun to look. Then more wondering through beautiful shops and streets till the Eiffel Tower which is huge and almost wondrous. The arc de Triomphe is also a monumental structure and my dad, sister and i climbed the 284 steps to the top to a sensational view, its always funny to see things so small underneath you, especially when im so used to being so small myself. Before we knew it it was 9pm so we grabbed dinner then bed as the next day it was Disney! Disney is a place that is undeniably dreamy place, it takes you back to your childhood and somehow you can never really grow out of it. So it was a bit surreal but me and my family had a day at disney haha, but it was fun and we met a really cool girl called Yale who gave us cheap entrance. Then the next day it was home, i was a little apprehensive but excited too, the more i leave home and come back the more i know who my real friends are and i couldn't wait to see them after a summer full of traveling i couldnt wait to share my stories and make new stories with everyone id left behind.


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MACAROONS!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY!