Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ok so the summer is nearly over now and all the things i have to do are now really dawning on me. I have had an amazing summer and so am fine with getting down with some real work however i decided to write a things to do list today and it is literally longer then my arm!!!! Im sure I will find a way to get it done but I forsee a few sleepless nights in the next coming weeks to get on top of it all! I have at least done 3 things on my list - get a new phone contract, got my job back at NEXT so yay income at last and lastly been to the doctor where my collar bone that has been swollen all summer was given the all clear - I was told that the swollen one was actually normal and the other one which I have actually broken before is the abnormal one and the pains I get in it are just a part of life so there you go! I also got a lovely new red jacket so lifes pretty good really - but i better get on with that list! Also I found out that I am going to be in a book this May time - they are using my CV and Covering letter on a whole double page spread - im very excited!

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